I've been struggling with the win condition of Stardust since the beginning. I wanted players to win in different ways (hence the point system) but it didn't feel right.
Sometimes the games would end abruptly "just as it was getting good" as some have said.

I've been on holiday this past week and obviously you can't travel without some boardgames, so I bought The Captain Is Dead and played the hell out of it with my wife at the end of each day.

In the first few games we had no idea what we were doing. So we were trying things and we were failing so hilariously badly that I thought that maybe we purchased Everyone Is Dead.
I thought I could do with some objectives to help me get started.

Wait, objectives?

Maybe there's something here to resolve the issues that I was having with the win condition of Stardust.

I grabbed my notebook (which I take everywhere) and started drafting out a few objectives for each faction as well as how the objectives would work:

The players draw three objectives:

  • a Phase 1 (easy)
  • a Phase 2 (regular)
  • a Phase 3 (harder)

Upon completion of all 3 objectives, the player wins.

This way there are still multiple ways to win and multiple strategy combinations.

Also, changing the win condition made me have to change a number of other things that had any interaction with Power (i.e. points).

Also I removed Traveller Admirals as the way they behaved was like having mini-objectives for the Traveller faction.

And with Admirals gone, I can streamline the Republic Advisers without fear that they'll be too similar.
I'll make a separate post about the Republic Advisers, their problems and the new implementation.

Lastly, now that Stardust has objectives... It'd be good to have a way of finding out what objective someone has...

How do we feel about some Espionage?