Last Saturday I mostly spent learning and making Stardust in Table Top Simulator.

I must say that I was not a fan of table top games on a digital medium at all.
I tried Ticket to Ride via the android app a long time ago and I didn't enjoy it even though I love the tabletop game.
Erroneously I thought "This isn't for me".

Last week I bought Table Top Simulator to playtest Mal Rempen's "Roll Camera!", and to my surprise I enjoyed playing it digitally. I found the game a lot of fun even if I kept losing!
If you want to check Mal's game out, you can get it via the Steam Workshop.

With my aversion of digital tabletop games out of the way, I thought it would be a good idea to implement Stardust in Table Top Simulator to be able to get to other people who mentioned they'd like to try it out but they're not really nearby to playtest it.

The initial version is done but I can't really set it up on the Workshop as I'm using some copyrighted art temporarily.

Oh, and I got new hexes and made a box: